Our History

Established in 2002.

it began with a


"In January of 2002, Pastor Craig Roters and a handful of others felt called to plant a new church in Oro Valley, Arizona. At the Children's World Childcare Center, 92 people attended the first service a week later. By Resurrection Sunday of that same year, the church began holding two services to accommodate the larger congregation. After a few more weeks, both services were full and the process of searching for a location with more space began."


"The limited availability of buildings in the Oro Valley area made the search for a new location a difficult one. There was a promising site that revealed itself in the beginning of our search, but after much prayer and wise counsel, it was determined that a move to that property would have had a negative impact on our children's ministry. "


"The leaders and members of the church continued to petition to the Lord the need for a new building. By August of 2002, the blessing COV had been patiently waiting for had arrived. We had been previously told that Ironwood Ridge High School was occupied and to use the building, we would be placed on a waiting list for an undetermined amount of time. A subsequent call revealed that another church was using the cafeteria, but the auditorium was available for use. On August 18, 2002, Calvary Chapel Oro Valley moved into the auditorium at Ironwood Ridge High School. This location had more than enough space to accommodate our worship team, the larger congregation, and had more than enough room for the growing babies and toddlers that attended Sunday school. We were incredibly blessed by God to have such a wonderful facility."


"It is because of God's kindness, provision, and our fervent prayers that we have been meeting at our current location for the past 9 years. As a church with no denominational support, we continue to trust in the Lord for all of our financial needs and are determined to be faithful with what we have been given, knowing that God will bless us according to His riches in glory. Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of our wonderful church family."