Pastor Craig’s topical teaching through the gospel of Luke:

Date Scripture Title Audio Video
3/12/14 Luke 4:13-27 “The Gift of Discernment” mp3(2)
3/19/14 Luke 4:38-39 “The Healing from the Demonic” mp3(2)
3/26/14 Luke 5:3-11 “Word of Knowledge” mp3(2)
4/2/14 Luke 5:12-14 “The Gift of Mercy” mp3(2)
4/16/14 Luke 5:18-20 “The Gift of Faith” mp3(2)
4/23/14 Luke 6:1-5 “Loving Jesus More than We Love the Law” mp3(2)
5/21/14 Luke 6:20 “Poor in Self” mp3(2)
6/18/14 Luke 6:37 “How to Judge Rightly” mp3(2)
7/2/14 Luke 6:46-49 “How’s Your House?” mp3(2)
7/23/14 Luke 7:1-10 “We Can Learn A Lot From A Gentile” mp3(2)
7/30/14 Luke 7:18-28 “What is God Going to Say About You?” mp3(2)
8/27/14 Luke 7:29 “Prove the Wisdom of God” mp3(2)
1/28/15 Luke 8:4-13 “The Parable of the Four Soils” mp3(2)
4/8/15 Luke 8:16 “Take Heed How You Hear” mp3(2)
4/15/15 Luke 8:22 “Faith Is A Choice” mp3(2)
4/22/15 Luke 8:26 “Trial or Temptation?” mp3(2)
4/26/15 Luke 8:41 “True Faith Acts” mp3(2)
5/6/15 Luke 9:1 “Give Back and it Will Be Given to You” mp3(2)
5/20/15 Luke 9:18 “What Are You Ashamed Of?” mp3(2)
5/27/15 Luke 9:27 “Calm the Face” mp3(2)
6/3/15 Luke 9:37 “Why Won’t It Come Out?” mp3(2)
6/10/15 Luke 9:46 “What Spirit Are You?” mp3(2)
6/24/15 Luke 9:57 “Try To Save It And You’ll Lose It” mp3(2)
7/1/15 Luke 10:2 “Ask Not What Your Church Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Your Church” mp3(2)
7/15/15 Luke 10:1-9 “These Signs Will Follow” mp3(2)