Guest Speakers

Date Speaker Title Audio Video
10/23/11 Pastor Gil Garcia Special Message
 2/26/12 Pastor Gil Garcia “Breakthrough 2012”
2/24/13 Pastor Gil Garcia “Heaven on Earth”
9/29/13 Pastor Gil Garcia “Jesus Heals Our Hurts”
7/6/14 Pastor Gil Garcia “The Open Heavens, The Last Revival”
10/9/14 Dan Hicks “Demonization and Deliverance for the Believer”
10/12/14 Dan Hicks “Jesus Living In Us”
7/8/18 Pastor Jamie Benjamin “Different on Purpose”
6/9/19 Pastor Gil Garcia “Outpouring of the Ages”
10/13/19 Pastor Richard Casteel “The God Who Sees Me”
10/25/20 Steven Bancarz “Rescued from New Age”  
2/14/21 Charlie Kirk “A Message of Hope in a Time of Darkness”
04/25/21 Seth Gruber “A Voice for the Unborn”
8/29/21 Joshua Lewis “Gifts of the Spirit” mp3(2)
11/14/21 Brian Sumner “Testimony” mp3(2)