Here is the page for “No Greater Love” shows ready to air on KGMS!

If you ever have any questions or problems, you can call or text Kevin McPhail at 440-5886 (email: or the church office at 229-1200.





Week of November 11  – November 15

Monday: ngl_11-11-19_Heb9_1-5B
Tuesday: ngl_11-12-19_Heb9_6-10A
Wednesday: ngl_11-13-19_Heb9_6-10B
Thursday: ngl_11-14-19_Heb9_11-28A
Friday: ngl_11-15-19_Heb9_11-28B 


Week of November 4  – November 8

Monday: ngl_11-4-19_Heb7_5-14A
Tuesday: ngl_11-5-19_Heb7_5-14B
Wednesday: ngl_11-6-19_Heb7_15-28A
Thursday: ngl_11-7-19_Heb7_15-28B
Friday: ngl_11-8-19_Heb9_1-5A







Emergency Backup Shows

Please download and save in a safe place as backup shows in case of web site failure, or whatever unforeseen emergency that might arise. They are two parts of the same sermon, so if you run part one, please run part two the next day before resuming “regular programming”. We’ve never had a problem before, but we thought it might be good to have a plan B just in case!

Backup Show Part 1:
Back Up 1

Backup Show Part 2:
Back Up 2