Here is the page for “No Greater Love” shows ready to air on KGMS!

If you ever have any questions or problems, you can call Morgan Roters at 520-229-1200 or



Week of March 1 – March 5

Monday: ngl_3-1-21_Rev6_3-17A
Tuesday: ngl_3-2-21_Rev6_3-17B
Wednesday: ngl_3-3-21_Rev6_3-17C
Thursday: ngl_3-4-21_CharlieKirkA
Friday: ngl_3-5-21_CharlieKirkB


Week of February 22 – February 26

Monday: ngl_2-22-21_Rev6_1-2A
Tuesday: ngl_2-23-21_Rev6_1-2B
Wednesday: ngl_2-24-21_Rev6_1-2C
Thursday: ngl_2-25-21_CCJoshLewis2A
Friday: ngl_2-26-21_CCJoshLewis2B