COVID-19 Update

We have a new Live-streamed service schedule! We want to stay connected as much as possible by taking advantage of modern technology, so we are beginning a new service schedule this week:
Tuesday, 7 pm – Live Prayer Service
Wednesday, 7 pm – Live Bible Study
Thursday, 7 pm – Live Prayer Service
Friday, 6 pm – Live Calvary Kids Worship & Lesson


While we are not able to gather together, we have been enjoying the world of streaming! Please subscribe to our email list or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to receive updates for prayer meetings and studies! Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel and select to be notified of upcoming events and uploads!


As you know, information regarding COVID-19 is changing daily, which means we are daily evaluating our “next moves” as well. After much consideration and prayer, we have decided to adhere to our President’s request to limit public gatherings to 10 or less. For the next 15 days, we will be hosting our Sunday and Wednesday services online through our YouTube page. All other weekly ministries will not be meeting for the time being.

We want to encourage you that we are not giving in to fear, but we are doing our very best to exercise wisdom in how we handle the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. From what we have learned, almost 80% of those who have the virus either don’t experience symptoms or have very mild symptoms. This means that we can be spreading the virus without even knowing it! In light of this information, many churches that we respect are choosing to move to online-only services and we believe that it is wise for Calvary Oro Valley to move forward in this direction at this time as well.

Although we are very saddened by having to make this decision, we are excited to take advantage of modern technology and continue to stream our services online! As stated earlier, we will be live streaming our services at normal times through our YouTube page. This is new for us, so please be patient if we run into any technical difficulties.

While many of you may be stuck at home for the next couple of weeks, we want to encourage you to take advantage of seeking the Lord in prayer and personal bible study as well! You can watch over 380 teachings from Calvary Oro Valley on our YouTube page, and we will continue to send out our mid-week service group discussion questions.

Although we will not be meeting together, for the time being, we can still give our tithes and offerings to the Lord through our online giving on our website. In addition to the blessings that are found when we trust the Lord and give to Him, the church will be blessed by our continual giving during this time and still be here to open back up when the dust settles!

From all of us here at Calvary Oro Valley, we thank you for working with us and staying strong in the Lord. We miss you all and look forward to weathering this storm together in prayer and online!

In Christ,
COV Staff

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