Calvary Chapel Oro Valley began meeting in January 2002, when Pastor Craig Roters and a handful of others felt called to begin a new church in Oro Valley. The first service was held January 6, 2002 at Children’s World Childcare Center. 92 people attended. By Easter of that year, the church began holding two services to accommodate all of the new people.

Within a few weeks, both services were full and the process of searching for a location with more space began. The limited availability of buildings in the Oro Valley area made the search for a new location a difficult one. In the beginning of our search, one site looked especially promising and exciting. However, prayer by the leadership revealed that a move to that property would have had a negative impact on our children’s ministry.
The leaders and members of the church continued to cover the situation with prayer. In August of 2002, bad news was turned to good news. We had been told previously that Ironwood Ridge High School was already occupied and we would be placed on a waiting list to use the building. A subsequent call revealed that a church was indeed using the cafeteria, but that the auditorium was available for us to use.

On August 18, 2002, Calvary Chapel Oro Valley moved to Ironwood Ridge High School Auditorium 2475 W Naranja. This location had more than enough space to accommodate worshipers and had very large rooms for our babies, toddlers and Sunday School classes as well. We were incredibly blessed by God to have such a wonderful facility.

In October, 2004 Jesus enabled us to purchase 10 acres of land just north of Tangerine Rd. and west of La Cholla Blvd. at 2350 W. Limewood. There is a house currently on the property that we have converted into offices. We hold our various Bible studies and various fellowships there throughout the week including: Calvary Kids Club(CKC), Midweek Service, Youth Group (The Lighthouse), and baptisms. We call it the CCOV Ranch. 

In March, 2009 God Blessed us with a new, beautiful location to hold our Sunday service, the Rancho Vistoso Memorial Chapel. Then, in March, 2011, we were blessed to move on to our Ranch property where were able to have our church services hosted in a renovated basement!

As of January 2015, we found another church selling their property with a 200 seat auditorium, office space and a children’s hall with classrooms. We put an offer in and owned the property within a matter of weeks! We are now meeting at our new building, located at 6901 N. La Canada Dr. If you are looking for a new church home or for answers in life, we invite you to join us this Sunday.

As a church with no denominational support, we continue to trust the Lord for all our financial needs. We are determined to be faithful with what we’ve been given knowing that God will bless us according to His riches in glory. Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of our church family.